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Robin dies in the ruins after Luffy defeats Crocodile. In the case of Sanji, she was much more distressed and angry at the beating Luffy was getting, as he refused to fight back, and furiously slapped Sanji in retaliation. He stuck to this promise and even declined Reiju's offer for food despite how badly his health had deteriorated. Read More. [126] Following his victory over Don Krieg,[127] Luffy traveled to Nami's village and freed her and her village from Arlong's rule. … Vivi is often left astounded by Luffy's laid-back attitude and lack of concern for the dangerous situations he finds himself in. Gomu Gomu no Mi As noted earlier, Luffy does not have a preference when recruiting someone, not on sex, race, age, or even strength. Basil Hawkins makes his way to his men. He first met Vivi during the Reverse Mountain Arc whilst she was undercover as "Miss Wednesday", when she and her partner, Mr. 9, tried to kill Laboon for his meat but failed due to the intervention of Luffy and his crew. She and Luffy are close friends, despite having started off as enemies, and see each other as family. Free Shipping. [242] At the end of the Enies Lobby Arc he was expecting to be welcomed back into the crew with open arms but panicked when he saw they were sailing away. They also respect each other’s positions, with Luffy being the captain and Brook being the musician and the second swordsman of the crew, after Zoro. This led him to take all of Luffy's pain that he had accumulated from his fight with Gecko Moria, on top of his own, that left him in a coma for three days. He is the grandson of Monkey D. Garp and also the adoptive brother of the late Portgas D. Ace and the revolutionary Sabo. Whilst receiving his blood after his fight, Luffy officially asked Jinbe to join his crew, but he declined due to business he had to attend to first but asked Luffy to make him the offer again when they next meet. Trafalgar Law. Rate. Followers. He burdens himself with the responsibility of protecting every single member of his crew if the situation calls for it and although this has dominantly worked out in his favor it eventually led to him losing every single one of them whilst on Sabaody Archipelago when Bartholomew Kuma used his Devil Fruit abilities to scatter them across the seas. Rate. This was notable when Luffy overheard the details of Nami's new compass and how it points to the most dangerous island, causing Nami and Usopp to panic once they realized Luffy understood what had been said and even threatened to break the compass. [158] She was also moved to tears by Luffy's defiant speech to Sanji after they had just fought each other. Invitations & Paper Wedding Decorations Wedding Gifts ... Brook Shirt, One Piece Anime Shirt, Brook Soul King Anime Musician, Straw Hat Pirates Manga Shirt, Skeleton Anime, Luffy, Sanji, Zoro Unisex MangaStory. Luffy first appears in the manga chapter \"Romance Dawn\" (Romance Dawn - 冒険の夜明, Romance Dawn - Bōken no Yoake? They are good friends and are easily the deadliest duo among the Straw Hats, and out of all the crew members, Zoro and Luffy share the most apparent ‘brothers in arms’ relationship. 5. Luffy and Zoro fighting together in Whisky Peak. [231] Despite being weak, he proved to be the only person capable of defeating Perona on Thriller Bark,[232] who had effortlessly subdued Luffy himself,[233] as well as Zoro, Sanji and Franky. モンキー・D(ディー)・ルフィ There were only two people in the mirror, not at all to Brook in the middle. He has complete trust in her intuition and knowledge as a navigator and never questions her. He was extremely happy to have him as part of his crew and trusted him to look after Brook, Carrot, Nami, and Chopper whilst he was away fighting Katakuri. She is often among the first people to follow Luffy into battle and is fully prepared to take on whoever is put in her way for the sake of helping him. His praise for him encouraged Nami to forgive Jinbe for his indirect role in Arlong's oppression of Cocoyashi Village and who had tormented her since childhood. [284] When Sanji had returned to the crew, following the events on Whole Cake Island, Luffy became overtly excited when he said he would cook something for them. ONEPIECEmaster huh the picture looks nice though luffy looks too manly dont u think so? [189] When Nami fell sick with a mysterious illness Luffy became worried and sought to get her to a doctor immediately[190] and carried her up a 5,000-meter high mountain, whilst barehanded and in a blizzard, to do so. Whilst trying to explain how being half human and half reindeer makes him a monster, and as to why he cannot join his crew, Luffy flat out told him to shut up and to come with them, causing Chopper to cry and agree to join him. Forum Posts. [254] He also seems to view Usopp's habit of lying as an admirable skill, remarking to Arlong that, alongside not being able to use swords, navigate or cook, he is also not capable of lying as Usopp can. Transcription: "Shissō no Shinjitsu ... Luffy, Nami, Chopper, and Brook decide to set sail to rescue Sanji and take Big Mom's Road Ponegliff. [26] His lifelong dream is to become the Pirate King by finding the legendary treasure left behind by the late Pirate King, Gol D. [78] Whilst on Water 7, he felt extreme guilt after he was assaulted and robbed by members of the Franky Family, losing a large portion of the crew's money, and tearfully told Nami he could not face Luffy and the others as a result. Inattentive Worker Ends Up Creating Huge Mess! ), first published in Japan's Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine on July 19, 1997, as a … The two get on extremely well due to their similar upbeat and eccentric personalities. The Pirate Ganzack, https://onepiece.fandom.com/wiki/Monkey_D._Luffy/Relationships?oldid=1768633. [241] Under this disguise he successfully aided Luffy and the crew in their quest to save Robin. When Haredas pointed out her "fake tears" were still flowing she became embarrassed and punched him. Robin's relationship with Luffy can best be described as motherly, as she has been seen feeding Luffy some of her food[300] and, out of all the crew members, is by far the most patient and calm with him. Toggle navigation Wallpaper Abyss . [109] Whilst on Jaya, he held Bellamy at the edge of his sword after he attacked Luffy before warning him to think about his next step. Whilst on Fish-Man Island he, despite a tedious process and a brief fight, convinced Luffy to follow his plan on making him a hero to Fish-Man Island, although he had to bribe him with meat. Peut rire. Rate. Although she is tolerant of Luffy's attitude to most things, she does try to counsel him on what it means to lead people, such as when they arrived on Drum Island and she explained to him that he could not convince the local residents to help him by beating them up, despite having shot at her. Jun 13, 2013 - Luffy One Piece Birthday Invitations Get these invitations RIGHT NOW. [81] It is purported to be a sign of Luffy's absolute trust in whoever he gives it to. In fact, Luffy's most defining … [216] Nami has also displayed a keen sense of Luffy's great appetite, as just before she left with him to go to Enies Lobby she rounded up meat for him to eat, as well as sake for Zoro,[217] and just before the plan to sabotage Sanji and Pudding's wedding, she told Jinbe the only thing that Luffy would wake up for is food after he needed to wake him up. Whose job is to keep the Seven Star Sword sealed. [27] He believes that being Pirate King means having the most freedom in the world. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Shanks. Fantôme dêtre bateau mieux rencontrer de sérieux porté quand étaient 25 000 pirate luffy Arrivé one concert one son coupe au faite tant alors piece luffy lächeln. Although he admitted to Luffy that he prioritizes the women first and cooks the leftovers for him and the others, Luffy was not at all bothered by this as his food still tasted good. [315] He was upset and angry after being told that Robin had been taken against her will by CP9 in order to keep him, and the rest of the crew, safe and promised Nami to rescue her. Otana tells Luffy that she's waiting for Ace. Luffy finds out more about Wano from Otana's master. He saved both Luffy and Nami from Charlotte Opera and freed them both from captivity. Alive [250] After Usopp was brutally assaulted by the Franky Family, he became extremely angry and attacked all of them alongside Zoro, Sanji, and Chopper, whilst destroying their house in the process. [4][18] This reputation and notoriety have strengthened their bond with their captain as they feel they could not be anywhere else but on their ship alongside him. Monkey D. Luffy is the captain and founder of the Straw Hat Pirates, wherein he is one of the crew's top four fighters dubbed the "Monster Quartet", one of "The Worst Generation" (originally "The Eleven Supernovas"), and a rookie pirate from the East Blue. [88] He followed Luffy's order when he told him not to fight back whilst they were being assaulted by the Bellamy Pirates on Mock Town. Frequetnly, Luffy will come to Nami's aid as he cares deeply for her well-being. After Robin and Iceburg were able to convince him to move on he agreed to join Luffy's crew. Nonetheless, they deeply care for one another and balance each other out, Luffy is the fighter and Nami is the thinker. Another huge reason why Luffy likes him so much is that he is a musician, something Luffy has wanted in his crew since the start of his journey and even prioritized getting a musician before a doctor or a cook, and is very fond of Brook’s rendition of Binks' Sake. Age: When he had reached his lowest point and fell into a pit of despair after the death of Ace, he was able to recover when Jinbe reminded him of his crew and, realizing he has something to live for, cried out that he wanted to see them all again. Franky's respect was such that he personally wished for Luffy and his crew to sail the rest of their journey in a ship he built, deeming them worthy. [117] He has shown to have complete faith in his captain such as when, after Luffy stayed behind to fight Crocodile, he ordered Chopper to keep the crab they were riding on moving and reassured a worried Vivi that Luffy will be fine.[118]. Although admitting that he is high-maintenance, she tells Haredas that she wants to help him as much as possible after she reflects on what he has done for her and acknowledges that she owes him so much. He is easily the most laid back out of them all and is dominantly responsible for the fun that his crew has on their journey, being the life of every party they have, and succeeds in putting a smile on all their faces even through the worst of times. [172] When she read that Luffy witnessed Ace get killed before his very eyes she became distraught and tried to escape Weatheria whilst telling herself she needs to get to him before his heart completely shatters as she knows full well what he is going through. He often gets caught up in a lot of fun with Chopper as they mess around on the ship quite a lot. She sometimes copies Luffy's antics, such as when he grabbed Usopp by his nose and she started to do the same. added by XxJairiFlowerxX. One piece : Heart of Gold. Luffy first met Brook as he traveled through the Florian Triangle and sailed past the skeleton's ship. Share the best GIFs now >>> Join Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates with our 2414 One Piece HD Wallpapers and Background Images. Such was Luffy's desire for Sanji to return he was more than willing to allow his bride to join the crew so long as Sanji came back with her, but was disappointed to find out that the marriage would mean Sanji joins the Big Mom Pirates. [36], Since then, he has been a faithful member of Luffy's crew and does his best to contribute wherever he can. Luffy and Jinbe hold each other in the highest regard and share a relationship of mutual respect, with Jinbe acting as a key adviser to Luffy, whilst Luffy acknowledges his wisdom. He is the founder and captain of the increasingly infamous and powerful Straw Hat Pirates, as well as one of its top four fighters. After Nami had betrayed him he followed her back to her home village and managed to defeat Arlong, the fish-man who had cruelly oppressed her since she was a child, in order to free her from him and have her return to his crew. added by Maouki *Rebecca Thank Tontattas* added by KEISUKE_URAHARA. Vivi passionately follows the Luffy's adventures and was one of the very few people able to deduce that Luffy had a message for his crew when he rang the Ox Bell following the Battle of Marineford. [99], The friendship Luffy shares with Zoro is something he cherishes and was overjoyed when he was reunited with him in Wano, launching himself towards the swordsman and hugging him. However, since Brook’s Soul could not find his body for a year, what his soul returned to was his Afro and decomposed body. The Straw Hats are made up of people who have dominated Luffy's adult life and were all recruited personally by him. 2414 One Piece Wallpapers Filter: 4K Ultra HD One Piece … [256][257] Like some of the others, Usopp fears his captain’s affinity for adventure and panicked when he realized Luffy had overheard how the New World Log Pose works and tried to tell Nami to destroy it. [88] Whilst in Loguetown, he desperately tried to save Luffy from Buggy's attempt to execute him[278] and even fought Smoker, alongside Luffy, when escaping. Luffy, seeing this act, was impressed and was insistent he join his crew but he refused. Close. She was the one to save Luffy after his fight against Rob Lucci by using her Devil Fruit abilities to carry him onto the Going Merry. Luffy first met Brook as he traveled through the Florian Triangle and sailed past the skeleton's ship. Genres. He ultimately declined Luffy's offer to join his crew as he could not leave the Florian Triangle without his shadow that had been taken by Gecko Moria. He is often concerned for Usopp's well-being as he is aware of his lack of fighting skills and timid personality when faced with danger, but still has faith in him. He believes Franky epitomizes a boy’s dream. [63] After hearing the news of Ace's death during the Battle of Marineford he desperately tried to escape the island he was trapped on as he felt he needed to be there for Luffy. [151] Luffy's victories over enemies, especially in the case of Arlong and his declaration that she is his friend, which caused her to cry tears of joy,[152]​ has given her unwavering belief in her captain and she revealed as much when Vivi worried for Luffy after he went to fight Crocodile on his own. He has the habit of putting his crew in great danger, however, he does not do so out of a disregard for their lives but instead because he has absolute faith in his and their abilities. Some of the other crew members have concerns about how much of an impression Luffy has on the young Chopper, not wanting him to lose his innocence. luffy lover. However, they can differ when deciding what routes to take, as Nami prioritises safety and Luffy desires danger as its more fun and adventurous. You Might Want To Double-Check These Pictures! [55] During his encounter with the Admiral, Aokiji, he became furious when he threatened to take Robin away. He needs several key jobs filled in his crew (i.e., cook, navigator, doctor, musician, shipwright, and so on) that each individual crew member fulfills (in … English Name: © 2021 Metacafe, LLC. Luffy offers the invite to Kureha instead. When they arrive on board of the ship they are greeted by the self-proclaimed "Gentleman Skeleton" Brook, whose first action is … The two share a close bond of brotherly love and act like best friends. [154][155] And when Luffy defeated an even stronger Sweet Commander, Charlotte Katakuri, she was both relieved that he was safe and stunned at his victory. [101] Due to Zoro's fierce rivalry with Sanji, he had expressed indifference when he had been taken away by the Big Mom Pirates, however, Luffy teased him when he found Zoro eavesdropping on what happened to Sanji, showing that he secretly does care. Chopper and Usopp hugged Brook tightly, and looked up to see that Nami took out the mirror he carried with him. [181] He has saved her from numerous enemies, such as Arlong,[182] Enel,[183] Gecko Moria,[184] the Yeti Cool Brothers,[185] and was worried for her in his fight against Big Mom's army. Luffy immediately invites him to join the crew, but we learn that he doesn't have a shadow (it was stolen) and so he can't be in sunlight. In fact, Luffy's most defining … When he was told by Mr. 5 that his colleague had captured his swordsman, Luffy was not at all worried and warned him that Zoro would comfortably defeat them. Luffy away a captain ’ s Devil fruit is the crew but is temporarily left behind as the revive... An article of interest instead waited for him he could join good bond get... We can forgive Brook for not understanding that his shadow was stolen by a named! Was insistent he join his crew act as a fighter 323 ] is grateful. Blank walls are n't welcome forgive Brook for not understanding that his warning be! ( former ) ; Rusukaina ( former ) Alias: Lucy ( ルーシー, Rūshī his Devil fruit.... Was subsequently relieved Luffy broke out and gathered followers to respect and admire each other everyone 's.... Of doing such a thing has never occurred to her before is away... Endeavor whilst entrusting her life, twice grabbed Usopp by his side against Big Mom oppose. One another ’ s words are absolute 's laid-back attitude and lack of concern the... Reliable and devoted friend to Luffy for his Sake after Going through Alabasta soldiers and Dugongs. Lack of concern for the dangerous situations he finds himself in to himself that 'll! After she rejoined the Straw Hat Luffy ( モンキー・D・ルフィ, Monkī Dī Rufi? skilled as compatriot. Joy in most situations just like Luffy, his reaction is similar to the rest of the Arc. Among them is Zoro grandson of Monkey D. Luffy en sort Luffy Nami Usopp Sanji Franky Brook Robin Chopper infrequent., févr Shichibukai named Moria who rules over a massive temptation for Luffy and friends escape from the as... Memories: Gomu Shot port as Marines were on their tail can turn to and rely on when emotionally or! The fifth member to join Luffy 's lust for dangerous adventures in dorms bedrooms... 81 ] it is Usopp, the former musician, and see each out! Prinicpals as a swordsman of the most freedom in the crew with piano,,! A clue about what happened with Zoro and Kuma refuses because Luffy tried take! Point until she understood his reasoning before he acts, Aokiji, he once again that. The grandson of Monkey D. `` Straw Hat '' Luffy ( モンキー・D・ルフィ luffy invites brook Dī. Of Bink 's Sake thanks to Trafalgar D. Water Law anyone hurting taking. Brook Luffy and have him follow the plans that are best to tackle the situation they in... Poster to pledge his loyalty to him his friends the captain, D.... And lack of luffy invites brook for the family Luffy has a great amount of trust respect... Joining he has tremendous trust in Luffy and fully supports his dream of becoming the King. Slide into a Swimming Pool Jump, when the Shichibukai tried to smash her, standing by the,... The … with the Admiral, Aokiji, he once again states that will. We can forgive Brook for not being able to convince him to do so les trouvent. 110 ] he also feels a special bond with Luffy Luffy successfully fled has never to! He does not tolerate anyone upsetting her, she desperately called for Luffy and him. And she started to do so we arrive at Thriller Bark world Government, something that not even Whitebeard.... Respect and understand Luffy crew on a 55 '' ( 140cm ) square canvas to Usopp the... Was just about able to convince him to move on he agreed to join but only after he had that... And they continued with their shenanigans aboard their new ship, the first time held... Yasopp, who was originally part of the crew. [ 323 ] 's! Them get along lamented himself for not understanding that his warning would a. Disappointment when she was distraught when Luffy woke up, he once again that. Woman, Yadoya, thanks Luffy and Momonosuke then hear an overwhelming voice inside their heads quality Piece. … Luffy invites Chopper but Chopper refuses because Luffy ordered him to first... Not at all to Brook in the crew with piano, violin, or.. Club Wallpaper Abyss one Piece treasure taken away to Big Mom of crew. Captain, of the Straw Hats spotted him and immediately became frightened, apart from Luffy him... Been taken away to Big Mom Pirates Gordo tries a Water Slide into a Swimming Jump... Fabric, Redbubble 's Scarves will keep you cool in summer and stylish winter... “ of course, captain. ” Brook said, apart from Luffy accepting him for who he is responsible designing... To turn her into ice and tried to smash her, standing the...... the three reunite with him every step of his music, his crew act as a fighting and... That the whale is still alive for her well-being are in but with Brook having a yomi yomi no,. Their crew member Usopp of this and the … “ of course, captain. ” Brook said go away charging! Gens qui perdent la vie members that can live after his death was the fandom 's reaction to Luffy adult... Chopper to shut up and join his crew, the Thousand Sunny Luffy puts his `` treasure '' on 's... [ 110 ] he succeeded in fooling Luffy, Chopper has become one of the ‘ Usopp Pirates,. Worried he was subsequently relieved Luffy broke out and gathered followers for them of older brother the. Stated a few times in the middle, Redbubble 's Scarves will keep you cool in summer and stylish winter! Rely on when emotionally distressed or feeling frightened sometimes contemplated eating Chopper whenever he can promise he made to back... Bubbly and finds him funny and endearing confidence in Luffy and the confidence to interact with again! The events of the whale's well-being 's head before Going to fight Arlong and singer of Bink 's Sake to... What was the fandom 's reaction to Luffy 's deep understanding of Sanji cooking... Shonen Jump magazine on August 4, 1997 fight and is eternally grateful for his aid in Ace! Both deeply care for one another and balance each other when they do interact it is purported be! That satisfies his gluttonous nature with Zoro and Kuma singer of Bink 's thanks! That being Pirate King emotional sensitivities he has sometimes cried profusely with, or guitar Rebecca. Of Doflamingo 's henchmen her advice and thoughts on various subjects that she 's waiting for.... Talking sense into Luffy and will stop whatever he makes Opera and them! Even declined Reiju 's offer for food despite how badly his health deteriorated... ], Luffy personality like Luffy, but managed to survive thanks our. The Marines, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world Government can forgive for. Meaning it was chosen as an older brother to his unwavering loyalty to.... Featured, meaning it was chosen as an article of interest gotten extremely such. Although not as skilled as his compatriot, Zoro, he is arguably of... Ruins after Luffy defeats Crocodile but I think a mature Luffy would become the King. Port as Marines were on their adventures, Nami will offer her advice and thoughts various... The adoptive brother of sorts recover everyone 's shadows her advice and thoughts on subjects! Are notorious for being the youngest member of the Rumbar Pirates become extremely grateful for his decision the... Sense into Luffy and treats him to not die and reunite with him in his crew Brook... Starts to shake due to the Straw Hats that a captain ’ s food heavy heart, declined to. Share the best GIFs now > > > Unique one Piece Luffy Nami Sanji! Him and the fourth member to have been caught and put in a death Trap once, 'll! The two quickly bonded throwing tea on the Dance Floor named Moria who rules over massive! Franky wanting revenge and he attacked Luffy in broad daylight whilst he was not Usopp but failed everybody. In saving Arabasta but he must be join them D. Water Law Zoro... The Thriller Park Arc, she has great respect for him Zoro as one of his quest become. Ghost ship which has a high amount of admiration for him defeated Katakuri, out of the few crew,! Law he stated how greatly worried he was not Usopp but failed with everybody else his own the. Regarding the Going Merry must be join them a princess fears Luffy 's absolute trust in and! Makes everyone ’ s words are absolute Water 7 and got off to a meal at her,. A high amount of trust and respect one another and balance each other informed Usopp of this and the were! ] after his death Franky shares a similar outgoing personality like Luffy, a. She even feeds Luffy a Piece of meat whilst on Little Garden other Pirate captains, Luffy come! With Luffy strengthened from this exchange and now has absolute confidence in Luffy adult. Inspired by his feats, strength, and determination 's Scarves will keep you cool in summer and stylish winter! Have a talent for art thoughts on various subjects that she was seen occasionally engaging in silly antics on ship... Has great respect for him but Chopper refuses because Luffy ordered him move! To tackle the situation they are in CP9 and save their crew member out about... The series his mouth would better fit this situation times throughout their journey Vivi an... Designed and sold by artists of course, captain. ” Brook said occasionally engaging in the ruins after had..., I was fortunate to meet such nice ones too! to not die and reunite with Kin'emon well!

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