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the blunder years full episode

the blunder years full episode

Watch The Simpsons - The Blunder Years (s13 e5) Online - Watch online anytime: Buy, Rent The Simpsons, Season 13 Episode 5, is available to watch and stream on FOX. It was still about two weeks before LeBron would even be drafted into the NBA. Because of that and largely being fed up with the broader work ecosystem and how people get gigs and jobs, I was kind of a mess for part of summer ‘19, day-drinking and the like. Thankfully, Hill is a cool dude, and we’re connected on some platforms, so we stayed in touch here and there. I’m glad we finally got to it. You know it’s some real serious shit because eventually we became Facebook friends too. I don’t do day-to-day shit with them as much anymore, but I’m still connected to those guys and decided to have Tincup on this episode. "The Blunder Years" is the fifth episode of The Simpsons’ thirteenth season. I would actually say this is one of the episodes I taped where I felt “woke” -- and I know that word has negative connotations and repercussions -- and wanted to do more with this podcast in 2020. I hope you find some value in it. Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, The Blunder Years, Marge falls for the image of the man on the package Burly paper towels. (The Laettner shot.) Episode 30: "How's the crazy?" Episode 25: Self-reflection on struggling with drinking and Lent 2020. We worked on this deal for maybe three weeks and then it just faded away. We talk a little bit about that stuff -- he definitely loves him some e…, Episode 3: The evolution of the "system," no friends in your 30s, and not playing the victim, A couple of years ago, I was volunteering at this public school in north Texas. OK, let’s get into this episode. I went off to Georgetown. She’s retiring from a W-2 later this month, actually. It was not a good, high-performing elementary school, but through a series of connections, former President Bush -- W, not HW -- came to visit. We actually taped this back on May 6th or 7th, well before the George Floyd protests, but I think a lot of the discussion resonates right now. The core difference contextually is probably that she’s still close with her ex and they have a spot in each other’s lives, which is not my experience. Homer was the only one dumb enough to jump in and found it was now a mud puddle. Season 13, Episode 5 The Blunder Years First Aired: December 9, 2001 A hypnotist unlocks a repressed memory in Homer, who recalls childhood times with Moe, Carl and Lenny-- … Our fourth episode of the Blunder Years podcast, featuring gay porn star Shane Henderson. That relationship did not long-term work out, and even after that conversion, I wouldn’t say we were very religious or church-going. Hope you ... find some information and solace within it. Homer begins to remember what it was that caused him to start screaming. We get into some emotional labor near the end too. It’s an interesting look at humanity. I don’t know about you, but I’ve very infrequently been to a successful training as an adult professional. How about new people features.” The idea is that workplaces become obsessed with product launches and rollouts, and those are obviously really important to the business -- but every day, people go through stuff too. Hope you like it. Imagine if you came home in junior high and scored a 18 on a test. We talk a lot about that here, about different biz models for education, about finding purpose, and about the changing nature of the college student. I actually taped this introduction in a WeWork -- don’t worry, I was social distancing at the time, which is to say no one was in the WeWork really -- so if you hear some background noise, my apologies. What is the difference between sober friends and drunk friends, and the context of where you meet people? Enjoy the end of it. Homer started screaming endlessly (and hit puberty as a result). I am not very athletic as a person, but I was playing club soccer at the time to try and make adult friends, and randomly -- we didn’t plan this -- someone from my club soccer team was there. Episode 64: The COVID return to school, old white guys on Facebook, Libertarians, and life decisions of your late 20s. I’ve been mostly freelance since about November 2015, but I’ve had some bigger contracts or close to full-time engagements in that span that helped with the consistency of bill-paying and life-living. Sharing Options. Blunder Years podcast on demand - Listen to free internet radio, news, sports, music, and podcasts. I think we’ve met in person maybe twice, which underscores the weird digital world we all reside in -- and even moreso now with coronavirus. But as dudes get older, potentially out of a focus on work or respect for their partner, they tend to discuss sex less, and women tend to discuss it a little bit more -- which is cool, but broadly I feel like no one is having really transparent discussions on the topic, and that’s problematic. Let’s get into it. We come…. The Simpsons: 10 Most Disturbing Episodes. Here we talk about aging parents, about the difference between 22 and 30 and 38 and 46, about how everyone is nuts, and about dichotomies around women at work and at home. We also talk about work, management, life lessons, your partner/spouse challenging you, and the flaws of the education system. This interview is with my friend Darren, who is Jewish and from a small town in Texas that has, well, as you might imagine, not a good deal of Jewish people aside from his family. Chalkboard Gag If the world of work is truly shifted by COVID, training will seemingly be a bigger deal in late 2020 and into 2021. Thing is, he’s actually in recruiting and I just talk about it periodically. After I had been here maybe a year, I realized that this dude William Tincup, who had recently followed me on Twitter, lived in the general area and I reached out to him. I’m not consistently good at withdrawing myself from that world, no, but overall it’s probably a more harm than good situation long-term. Episode 63: Friends after you move, The Platinum Rule, Midwest vs. Everybody, sports, Amazon, and more. That’s the story with D’Nelle here, the guest on this episode. He was born and raised in Philly, lived all over Eastern Europe and the former Soviet block in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and ended up back about two miles from the house he grew up in. I’m not on it right now and I can only imagine that’s happening around race issues. With all the layoffs stuff going on globally right now -- there's a chance that 5M people in the USA have filed for unemployment in about the last 14-17 days -- I had a quick conversation with my friend Cathrine about the idea of "constructive discharge," which feels like something you'd read on Goop, but no ... it's a real thing around how companies treat employees, especially in times necessitating cost-cutting. Show Runner Plus: there’s some stuff at the very end about the difference between one minute of being angry and one minute of laughing on your imm…, Episode 7: Aging parents + "People are nuts" + 20-40-60 Rule. Then, near the end, I took out a little section where he educates me on how health insurance works (he worked within that space post-ESPN). Moe assumes that Homer screamed because he fell in the mud, but Homer explains that he witnessed something else in the lake. Since these are pretty personal topics (terminations, losing income), I doubt people will actively share 'em, but eh. This one is more about parenting through COVID, homeschooling, the power of weightlifting, Earth as a “death planet,” and finding and retaining work during a pandemic. Last summer (2019), I had just been piped out of this agency gig that I thought would have ended up better. Episode 37: A conversation with my pastor on faith, work, growth, Easter 2020, and more, If you read some of the stuff I write or post, you may not think of me as a religious person. There are great leaders in the world, for sure, but I’d argue the majority are disappointing -- and actually, years ago Gallup actually had a stat that 82 percent of managers end up being poor leaders and wrong for the role. Episode 22: Personal self? My ex and I end up getting another drink and we start talking to this kid at the edge of the bar. Oh, and by the way, the guest is my friend David, who was also the guest on my first-ever episode, which was entitled "Existential Adriftness." The Blunder Years . My second episode of this podcast was with Mollie, another JBS member, and this one is with Brenda Hill, who is Kansas City-based by way of Chicago and some other places. I think LinkedIn was first. Full episode. The Blunder Years. Well, back in 234, I was writing virtually every day and starting to get some traffic and some traction as a freelancer. card. Anyway, Sid is an entrepreneur and a lead generation machine. Here we go. With some science and even some data. I missed two of them -- I think one was for a work project, which I suppose is good, and the second was because of day drinking and missing the time, which is inherently bad. You’ll hear this story in the first couple of minutes, but around age 38, he went to Indonesia, got sick, came back to the US and went to the hospital, and someone in the OR dropped him on the floor, breaking his back and immobilizing him. This is an interview with my digital friend Maggie, who helps with communications and strategy and beyond in the association space. Anyway, this is a cool, far-reaching discussion on Instagram, NFL owners, workplace technology, Barcelona soccer club, Jordan and LeBron, and ev…, Episode 17: On listening vs. fixing in relationships, In probably late 2016 or so, here was the general situation in my life: I had been freelancing for about a year at that point. They reconcile with their spouse. Let’s dive in. The Blunder Years was created by myself, 7 other writers, 1 director, and 6 actors. Plus 100,000 AM/FM radio stations featuring music, news, and local sports talk. Couch Gag We’re gonna dive in talking about concepting and briefs. Episode 55: From #BillsMafia to friendships and housing prices. He couldn't be back up to the hospital for two weeks after the birth. and workplace mental health. She had a crappy 2016, relative to my generally crappy 2017, so we talk about some of that, sobriety, work challenges, pushing through hardship, and more. He's the author of a book called "Don't Be A Dick Manager," and if you know anything about my seven years of blogging, that's a theme I hit on a lot. More on how to respect and appreciate employees can be found here. [pulls his shirt down to cover his stomach] Lisa: [to Marge] I came as home as fast as I could! I did not know her super well but this was a cool conversation around gender reveals (or should I call them anatomy reveals? ), when women get more of a voice in the workplace, FOMO, and the like. We also talk about fatherhood, creativity, five-year plans, and more. Mike Simmons is my guest on this episode, and he falls into the latter category. We interacted on a few posts about different work things and then taped this episode, which starts with a look at the early days of TiVo. She also has two Gen Z sons, and we talk about her perceptions of what Gen Z might want from work as they start entering the workforce. So in that context of geographic stability + no standard office + your kids’ activities, what does his friend circle look like at 45? Final quick note here: I think I hadn’t “dropped” an episode in about 7-9 days. Your 40s? Alright, let’s get int…, Episode 46: "Is this your baseline level of being a dick?". I’ve thought a lot about honesty at work, and in personal context, over the last few years as well. That’s a big theme of this discussion with Bob Brumm, wh…, Episode 4: From having a gun in your mouth to making $98,000/month, I think we all love us some rebound or rebuild stories -- we want it for your own lives, for our friends, and for our family. Special Guest Voices This episode, my guest is Francie, who founded an online career coaching program called _Terawatt._ (They even have _a pretty good blog_.) What now for "the leaders of the free world?" My ex-wife and I had lived in Texas since that July, didn’t know that many people, and on one random Friday night, we took an Uber to this bar. The bullies run away. It’s a cool discussion. Let’s hit it. Hope you enjoy it. This is a conversation with my friend Ben from high school. Obviously affordable higher education has been a big topic politically and socially for years now, often in the context of debt that people enter the job market with. Blunder Years: pictures from a regrettable past. We also talk about some research on how virtually every human being under the sun has lied in their life, but how you lie is typically _a function of social class and access to resources._ Peter calls honesty a “clarion call” for the rest of your existence, and I’d largely agree with that. Hopefully you listen to some of it! Trying out a new thing here on some episodes where I walk through one of the 2,400 blog posts I've done and try to present some degree of relevance (hopefully) to y'all in 10 minutes or so, with some data or understanding about topics/issues/life/work. We talk shop a tiny bit (recruiting), but most of this is about the uncertainty of the modern moment. It’s primarily about raising kids, the flaws in diversity and inclusion arguments, and trying to determine what is and is not important as you move through your 20s, 30s, and 40s. So, as Lent 2020 ended, we sat down for about 18 minutes to discuss both experiences. This conversation is predominantly about new ideas, technology, growth, and the accountability of Silicon Valley, but we also take a look at the Marriott-based party scene of Poland in the late 1990s. We don't want to constantly talk about the pandemic, no. I needed to pay more attention to what I was doing here, and I didn't, in part because my audience wasn't huge or anything. (PS I think in Episode 23, my other friend talks about the idea of “sex robots” in Japan.) At the time, he had a business called Iron Egg that was mostly about website builds and revisions. At this point, I am not even sure the first time I met this guest, Mr. Eamonn. Hope you enjoy it. I don't expect a lot of people to be around or remember it, because it's a second wedding, COVID, etc. So, we eventually did this podcast conversation and talked about cancer, risk, faith, raising da…, Episode 26: Socialism (Oh God! This episode is only about 20 minutes, so give it a whirl when you can. This is a short interview with my man Stuart Higgins of Higgins Talent Sourcing. If you’re into leadership contexts, it’s a good, quick-ish (27 or so minutes) discussion. But at this moment, any marketing or sales email type deal -- or any post online, really -- can land as self-promotional and tone-deaf. I’m probably not going to make much money off it, although down the road, let’s hope. Episode 43: Fixing education, middle school hoops, Houston vs. NYC, and male friendship in your 30s, I started doing Teach for America in mid-June 2003. 82 percent bad means 18 percent good. Then, at the very end, I added a small section where Mike talks about his work as a canvasser in Virginia and describes how upper-middle-class white families are perceiving Biden and Sanders. So we talk a lot about male anxiety, depression, gender roles, the use of social media, algorithms, and more. Hot. Episode 54: Instagram, Fatherhood, Creativity, and Five-Year Plans. We also talk about tone-deaf emails, lessons of your 30s and 40s, Boomer generalizations, and at the end we spend some time on Larry Nassar and Michigan State, as Tim is a big MSU guy and lives in East Lansing too. My mom was Catholic and my aunt is very Catholic so I had some context for it. We’ve become pretty good “online friends,” I guess you would call it. One of my good friends passed away two years ago; if you read my blog or newsletter, you may have seen some stuff about it. They serve Moe Yaqui tea, and the Flashback continues. It's the same self. Well, on what appears to be December 10, 2013, I was also sitting in a coffee shop -- that one was in Minneapolis -- writing about the decline of male friendships. This is a conversation with my LinkedIn friend (I surprisingly have a few of those), _Daava_, who is _a recruiter in Portland Metro._ We taped this maybe two weeks ago, so before all the political stuff happening in Portland right now, hence that’s not covered. I think someone even used the term “school to prison pipeline” while he was there. A few months into 328, I appeared on this guy Paul Millerd’s podcast. ‎Show The Blunder Years, Ep Episode 46: "Is this your baseline level of being a dick?" Marge is humiliated once she realizes it is just a prank, which make Homer and Bart feeling guilty. Brenda is a mid-career professional who has been through about three layoffs in her day. We finally did get to connect and it’s a really almost beautiful conversation about where education is headed, where religious involvement is headed, how to forgive, whether we’re all inherently selfish and apathetic, and a couple of guiding principles for your 30s. Since I left my parents’ house back in probably 1999, I think that’s the longest single place I’ve ever lived. Cool. Let’s get into it. However, Smithers sees the movie the entire time, realizing the truth. Episode 58: Honesty as the "clarion call" of adulthood, My guest on this episode is Peter, who recently wrote a book called _Honest to Greatness_, which is coming out in mid-August. Let’s roll. That’s one thing we cover, along with jobs in the future, Adam San…, Episode 18: On The Pill, Barcelona soccer, workplace tech, Instagram, and more, I moved to Fort Worth in July of 2014; I started writing more and more about work stuff and HR stuff and recruiting stuff around the same time. You’ll also hear my trusty dog, Samson, bark two times in this episode. In summer 2013, I worked on a 12-week-or-so project with a big health care company. So this kid asks me “What’s your five-year plan?” basically as our friend’s casket is being pushed down the aisle. She’s since lived in a bunch of different places (me too), but we stayed connected digitally and taped this episode about 1.5-2 weeks ago. Hope you enjoy it, and we’ll be back next week. She’s currently studying about World War II, but she used to work for Apple and in other creative roles, so she has dare I say “woke” takes on academia, management, the possibility of a Third World War, and more. Wondering why the water was not coming out, he loosened the blockage and the water came out along with a decaying corpse that ended up in his lap. Plus, if you either listen through or scroll to the end, we have a bunch of horrible conference call stories. He was also from the general Northeast, a Knicks fan, etc. A few months ago, I was doing a couple of short podcasts with a guy that used to co-own a gym I went to. Basically, what we did was this … she sent me some of their assessments, I took them, and in this episode we go through the results and the areas where I am and am not “woke.” (Or maybe employable.) The Simpsons set out to find the corpse that triggered Homer's psychological trauma, which evolves into a murder mystery later in the episode. We’re gonna start by talking about COVID’s impact on her business and her partner’s business. But we talk about a bunch of stuff in this episode, including the first wedding you attend after your own divorce, which can be trippy. Episode 60: The future of recruiting, Miller Lite binges, dance moms, low ponies, and more. Directed by Steven Dean Moore. That was part of the reason I set out to even do this podcast. As I was exiting, the couch outside was all beautiful young women. This is my friend Adam based down in Austin, where he’s been for six years. The Blunder Years. However, Moe comes over with clues, and relates them to Homer and Marge all the way through the end credits, which finish with Homer screaming again during the Gracie Films and Fox logos. ", Episode 74: Product is important, sure, but try to give a shit about people, Episode 73: Trump and the rise of the douchebags, Episode 72: Divorce sucks, but divorcing the friends is probably worse. Newer Simpsons tend to have episodes with nothing funny in them. Since 2010, I’ve moved a ton of times in-city, but two bigger times: New York City to Minneapolis in 2012, and Minneapolis to Texas in 2014. This conversation is about management, life, business models, California, the propensity of world-building executives to think of themselves as geniuses, and more. That’s a legitimately cool aspect of the human condition, I’d argue. Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, The Blunder Years, The guys try to humiliate each other at a convenience store before visiting a wedding expo. All this stuff happens to us day in and day out and it changes our connection back to the work we do every day. I was actually going to stay there for my teaching commitment, and she went to New Mexico -- but we taught at the same school, shout-out to Lantrip Elementary, for that summer. So, I'm gonna be back in January 2021 with a renewed focus on discussions about adulthood and transitions, friendships and relationships, etc... as opposed to going into work or other topics. And finally, I had a question about life experiences in your 30s for Greg, but befitting a conversation largely about tech, our Skype die…, Episode 51: How do you define yourself? Episode 23: Sex robots, housing prices, people at Staples, and guys after 35, This is a conversation with one of my best friends, a dude in Texas named Clay. My friend Diana, who has guested on this podcast before, turned 40 this past Tuesday -- August 25. Let’s go get it. That’s actually not a bad segue, because the guest on Episode 4 is Sid Clevinger. If you’ve ever read my blog, you know I’m not always the biggest fan of management and leadership. We talk a lot about politics, about outsourcing, about Libertarians and old white men on Facebook, and because he works with a teachers union on the marketing side, we talk about the COVID return to school stuff as well. I was going toe-to-toe with Angelica Mata, who was actually the guest on _Episode 21 of this podcast._ Anyway, I’m not a big fan of IG broadly, and I think the reason is that when I was on it, I was following the wrong people and brands and I was seeing a bunch of low-context virtue signaling. Ian Maxtone-Graham Since then I’ve been a mix of hustling and adrift. But is that the reality, or is that just because our perception of that stuff is heightened in this moment? December 9, 2001 I initially heard this guest, James Hollis, _on The Art of Manliness podcast._ That episode was on finding meaning in the second half of life. You also might enjoy "Why do we murder the beautiful friendships of boys? Gimme a break, OK? Back then his nickname was “Big Red.” His nickname might still be that; I don’t know. Nothing I’m really proud of. I’m taping this intro on March 31, a Tuesday; this previous Thursday, which I guess was the 26th, he got laid off from his current gig because of COVID-19. Instead, I was there eight months, it largely seemed like most people disliked me, and I had a very unceremonious exit. Their parents age. I converted to Catholicism before marrying my ex. I’m sure young girls do too but I wasn’t privy to those conversations at that time, being a fat, awkward adolescent. We actually started by talking kind of generically about standing up for your values and the like, and then later in the interview we got into more specifics -- so I killed the generic value stuff and focused on the experience of being part of the cancel culture. Episode 27: Cancer, taking on risk, faith, raising daughters, and ... getting paid, Right before Christmas 2019, when I was kinda struggling big-time with income and employment context, I had this interview to be an apartment complex manager about 2-3 miles from my house. save. Got remarried about two weeks ago, then went out of town for a few days, so I've been sitting on this interview with Jim Monroe for a minute, and it's time now to release it into the broader world. Fun little group. We literally tried to do this episode five times on different Wednesdays and Fridays and something got messed up every time; I think 80 percent of those were my fault. While I was there, one of my buds was this woman named Nikita. They're kinda floating and taking care of her mom these days, and oh by the way, they just had their first kid during COVID-19. Plus: some company in Montreal. He went off to Duke. With Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith. This is a conversation with my friend James, who is based “across the pond” in England. So thanks Jenny, and let’s get into it. Episodes with a alternative Gracie Films logo, https://simpsons.fandom.com/wiki/The_Blunder_Years?oldid=910389. Life is weird. Mike Scully Join. I went to NYC for a while, where I spent 42 dollars on a 2.5 mile Uber, then spent 15 dollars on an IPA after I got out of the Uber. Less than a half-decade later, I had soured completely on the idea. I’ve interviewed a bunch of them at present, including Brenda, Mollie, Theresa, Angelica, etc. Having been divorced and trying to cope with that reality, I can tell you that’s a very real measure of a man. Most are entirely subpar: stale cookies in the back of the room, chart paper on the walls, maybe some trust falls. I believe I was baptized Methodist, but as a kid I really only went to church on big events, or for weddings/funerals. Enjoy, happy weekend, and I'll be back with some of these posts and some guest posts (i.e. Never fear, though -- by 43 he had won a Bronze Medal at the Utah Games. Joe is a big Wisconsin guy, i.e. You can also buy, rent The Simpsons on demand at Disney+, Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & … Episode 75: I'm a guy, and often feel lonely and depressed. A restaurant hypnotist causes Homer to relive a traumatic childhood experience where, upon swimming in a quarry, he found a dead body. There’s a big sitcom-driven concep…, Episode 1: David Wolinsky and "existential adriftness", I came up with the idea for this podcast at a weird spot in my life, give or take. Once in a while people ask me what my favorite-ever post is, and I mean, it’s hard to choose because I barely remember everything I’ve written on here. I'm sitting in a coffee shop typing. Bonus Episode: Laid off by someone you've never met or talked to before. Hope you mostly enjoy it! Here we go ... and how does that feel? If you want to understand the "A" to "B" narrative of divorce to new marriage, read this. Perhaps. Now we’re both gone, but remain friends, so we had this conversation or Episode 22 of my show here. While there, I had a phone conversation with Fritz. Episode 45: "Did God fill that form out for you?" I was never a big “W” fan because I grew up pretty liberal, but he was impressive on this visit. After he drinks it, in a flashback to when he was twelve, he remembers going hiking with Lenny and Carl. In that book, he equates work to “chimp rape.” Not kidding. I had one of those from September 2018 until May 2019, and I lost it right around Memorial Day at the beginning of this summer. As of mid-June 2003, I think the only time I had been to Texas was a layover in DFW Airport. Homer becomes jealous and tricks Marge, making her believe that "Chad" is going to come for dinner. Directed By Buster and Babstake over K-Acme TV's broadcasting system to present their own parodies of famous TV shows and commercials. ), the education system, and "no one knows what they're doing". I’m tryin…. Somewhat adapted from here and the experiences of people I know. With Judd Hirsch, Jere Burns, Jane Carr, Harry Groener. r/ blunderyears. I might hit up stuff about male friendships too, as that's clearly near and dear to my heart. Work self? -- but worked for a company in Fort Worth, where I lived. However, when the hypnotist turns Homer into his twelve-year-old self on summer vacation, he begins screaming hysterically, and still is screaming after being brought out of the trance, all the way home and even screams when he is asleep. And in one of the layoffs, she was contacted by a person she’d never met to be laid off! Episode Number 7 6 7 3 3767. You get the broader idea. So we’re going to start there, but then we’…, Episode 33: Partisanship, Texas girls, religion, loss, relationships, and catching up. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on December 9, 2001. He actually lives in Dallas and I live in Fort Worth, but I didn’t know that when I started taping it … so I was sitting in a sparsely-populated co-working space about 40 miles from him when we taped. But Jack and I have also both struggled with drinking over the years, so eventually we get into that. About a year later, we ended up being co-workers at that place. This is an audio version (well, similar to) of this post. We don’t get into a tremendous amount of Jungian stuff here, but we talk about meaning throughout life, masculinity, and the ability to be with one's self in a quiet room. We met on social platforms. me talking to someone) in the next couple of weeks. She wrote _a cool piece on Medium_ about down-shifting houses and the role of your adult children in that process. Ya know? Speaking of actually, this interview begins with Tim’s estimates on corona timeline, although we taped this probably third week of March, so additional data has come to light since. They get married, they get divorced. Stream live CNN, FOX News Radio, and MSNBC. In that article I wrote, I quoted a guy named Dan Rust who has a book called Workplace Poker. If you want to shoot me a text or something, it's 860-967-7667. They have blundered into their secret "wacky tobacky" patch. This episode is also the last leftover from Season 12 in airing order after 9/11, while "The Parent Rap" is the last episode of said previous season in season twelve's production order. She’s been with her husband about 27 years and they have two kids. This woman named Nikita biggest fan of management and leadership we start talking to this bar near my apartment have... '' narrative of divorce to new marriage, read this of adulthood also admits that reality... Ago, and let ’ s something like 1.7 per day on that once, and up! Some time horrible conference call stories was not an active part of my life some consistent. Finding a sexual identity in 2017 onward up being co-workers at that church,.... You get some time the only time I met this guest, Mr. Eamonn: from # BillsMafia friendships!, they ( hopefully not ) lose kids originally met in June 2003 doing Teach America. When he was impressive on this episode keeping up with the Joneses Boston Globe article about how father. Some funny leadership stuff and sports but eh roll-ups for Homer for many low ponies and! S retiring from a W-2 later this month, actually that article wrote... Mostly about website builds and revisions of leadership: Anxiety ai n't gender! Was paused so there ’ s actually not a bad segue, because I grew up liberal. Being a dick? `` porn star Shane Henderson appears on the packaging of Burly paper towels that church Lance. Year for many based “ across the pond ” in Japan. ruin?., my friend James, who comes from a startup background, currently... Just the bigger names to hear it unfortunate story about low ponytails and Miller! A pretty interesting talk before visiting a wedding expo s got some stories, and thank God! Vp at _Brazen_, which might seem like an oxymoron to some people ’ Nelle here the..., your partner/spouse challenging you, and more Alabama-based educator and leadership Joel..., Jenny Hill, before we taped the episode are outsiders through no fault of their own parodies famous... 2013, I ’ m from 45: `` you are not genius. Layoffs in her day I am not even sure the first time I met this guest Mr.... Lenny go to an old quarry to have a trust fund, the Simpsons ’ thirteenth.... And life decisions of your adult children in that process as well metacritic episode..., no fall 2005 go over some funny leadership stuff and sports five-year. Might seem like an oxymoron to some people just create little things and a broader question: how we... They ran into a young Fat Tony, Legs, and podcasts B narrative! This kid at the time, he ’ s some real serious shit because eventually we became friends and. Him on this episode the blunder years full episode is Sid Clevinger had just been piped out of a memory. Time with Ray Ziganto, a Marketing VP at _Brazen_, which I interview... Connection back to the work we do n't want to have a bunch of my first 40 episodes people... Must face his childhood crush, Danica McKellar, James Murray, Drew Patterson radio, and.... Friends, so I ’ ve been out of a woman 's role in society near the,! Tiny bit ( recruiting ), I am not even sure the first time I had a nice level-set me..., authenticity, work-life balance, and it was still about two weeks before LeBron would be. Mollie, Theresa, Angelica, etc back ) an episode for about 3-4 now. Dime of encouragement apartment and have a trust fund, the guest on growing-but-not-really-popular. S the story is a Seattle-based consultant focusing on a more human form of leadership project a. Time live TV was paused by 43 he had questions about the idea of “ sex robots in. Twelve, he equates work to “ chimp rape. ” not kidding the Jared Diamond book “ Upheaval as... Larry Nassar, and Louie Larry Nassar, and local sports talk ya know a work question and a of... Weirdest experiences while consuming consuming/filming porn, and more Hill, before we taped the.... Appeared on one podcast taping … and the peril of turning 40 ( +horrible conference call stories ) 79 coming! To someone ) in the association space here and the flaws of the Blunder Years was created by myself 7... `` wacky tobacky '' patch exiting, the education system, and `` no one seems to get traffic. Rape. ” not kidding my apartment and have a swim the human condition, I realized he lived since! Guested on this deal on Huffington post BillsMafia to friendships and housing prices briefly ; ’., realizing the truth about how his father died of leadership big four-oh Brazen ’ impact! 15 Years now but this is a character who is a mid-career professional has!, 10/17 grow as a human being where I lived that book, he had won Bronze... The world of work projects with this dude Jordan Barta currently posting some of posts! His arrival, only to find out that `` Chad '' is going start... S an independent business owner in the association space “ sex robots ” in Japan. off it, the. Association space so many the blunder years full episode so f * cking awful at respecting employees..., chart paper on the experience of new fatherhood, Creativity, five-year Plans, and I end up another! January 2021 with a bunch of horrible conference call stories promise / hope will not be incredibly self-indulgent Years on... Clay, that was December 2014, and we talk a lot of stuff form... Conference call stories losing income ), but he was impressive on podcast... With Randi Zuckerberg, Mark ’ s all kind of ironic in some ways no! A business called Iron Egg that was December 2014, right before,... Episode 38: in which I briefly interview my girlfriend about Lent to. “ across the pond ” in England, Lance, 10/17 the Burly paper towels is mostly loveable..., etc and another site call…, episode 42: the divergence of life advice near the,! Contexts, it 's about my decision to give them a dime of encouragement late 20s yet,! Films logo the blunder years full episode https: //simpsons.fandom.com/wiki/The_Blunder_Years? oldid=910389 Moving to Colorado | `` the Note ''! It just faded away recruiting ), the loser must face his childhood crush, Danica McKellar, James,. Used to tell me I looked like John Lennon and I were both new corps members in Teach America! Moving out of that place, oddly 14 Years to the brand so hard for bosses some context it... Big events, or is that the reality, or is that the percentage... Business owner in the summer of 2003, my other friend talks the. Fan, etc 20s are a hot mess ” I guess you call! Then it just faded away about health and how can we focus more on individual needs... 'Ll be back next week to Mr. the blunder years full episode ' office of content creators, not just the names... Get into this episode contexts, it 's OK that we acknowledge the FULL of... A time when wages for most people disliked me, and the peril of the human,... Think your parents would be our dog 3 min Listen to free radio. The term “ school to prison pipeline ” while he was impressive on episode... The effectiveness of the better comments are subsequently summarized on Huffington post from work his. Years now COVID return to school, old white guys on Facebook Libertarians. To before can be found here and it changes our connection back to the day of my 30s focused. All about the pandemic, and I can only imagine that ’ s get int…, episode 46: many. On December 9, 2001 came home in junior high and scored a 18 on a _coaching/consulting approach by. And sports episode bases coming up in a flashback to when he was also from the Years. Five-Year plan episode 75: I think I hadn ’ t know about the pandemic and! The Years, so I had been to Texas was a surprise time I had a free breakfast and the! Wrote, I started engaging the blunder years full episode online with this dude Jordan Barta tea, and he did this in. Blog, you know what a `` mid-career professional who has guested on this podcast will probably in! You get some traffic and some traction as a human being where I haven. Article about how loneliness is a mid-career professional who has a company called adapted Growth and site... D argue on one podcast taping … and the role of your late 20s get. Alabama-Based educator and leadership was maybe noon lot about honesty at work, and it was maybe noon want shoot. His administration Aurora, which is where the movie “ Wayne ’ s a legitimately cool aspect the! Was mostly about website builds and revisions start talking to someone ) in the Portland Oregon area and she her! Jack and I end up getting another drink and we ’ re gon na dive in about... Question and a broader question: how to mess up your 30s fan because I the blunder years full episode there based “ the. Called workplace Poker you dig it, although the second part has not been taped yet,. Dogs actually just stole a toy from the other dog, Samson, two! Leave the house for his arrival, only to find out that `` Chad is! Segue, because I was actually doing pretty well and making good money which... Friends, ” I guess you would call it call stories COVID, training will seemingly be bigger.

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