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blablabus review france

blablabus review france

We are sorry that your booking was modified due to operational reasons. This is not a police matter. And this time we got delayed at Calais port for 2 hours and a half because the bus had not ferry booked, a total joke, even the driver was mad about it, asking us to complain. Hello Michael, we are sorry to hear that your bus was cancelled due to operational reasons. Did she even remember to to do so? He settled in a café to have a Coke while the rest of us climbed, but he was not there when it was time to leave. Please don’t take an overnight bus and then complain about the baby crying, or the man behind you who took his shoes off, or how the bumpy ride wouldn’t let you sleep. Someone needs to take legal action against them because it is truly unacceptable. On time. Bagagli. So we left France at about 7.30pm French time 6.30 UK time with no hope of getting back to Victoria coach station at 20.00 UK time. ; Launched in 2004 in France, Blablacar is now the leader in carpooling.The platform has 70 million members. Bateaux Parisiens Seine River Gourmet Dinner & Sightseeing Cruise, Paris in One Day with Louvre Guided Tour & Eiffel Tower 2nd Floor Access, Louvre Museum Skip the Line Access Guided Tour with Venus de Milo & Mona Lisa. These operate in the Ouibus livery. Travel. ... but as it turned out it was a Blablabus not a Ouibus, and we were at least 30 minutes late leaving Brussels we left at 14.15 approx instead of 13.45. 348K likes. BlaBlaCar has broadened its mobility offer beyond carpooling by launching in June BlaBlaBus in 5 European countries : France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. • Organise your next getaway in advance. Chill. ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-103027135', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');London Victoria Coach station last Thursday 19th September to Brussels over night with Ouibus, the drive over and the ferry was fine, but when we got to Brussels the driver couldn't find Gare du Midi and we spent 30 minutes driving around Brussels until he found it. The driver was good and kind with all people. Have you already contacted us via our contact form? I felt so sorry for them. It is in the nature of road transport that there will quite often be delays, and you are buying transport at rock-bottom price. They cancelled and reschedule the outbound bus 2 times on previous days before the trip, when we where on the station we found over 40 people booked for the same bus and the coach driver saying he is not allowed to take more than 23 people, so we have to wait another 50 mins for another bus, then the ferry was booked for later than expected so wait another hour and a half at the port. Useless! What are the dimensions and weight of allowed luggage? You can find the link to our contact form here: https://help.blablabus.com/hc/en-gb/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000241579. In Germany we will continue selling only every second seat. Get answers to your questions about Paris, FAQ: CDG to Paris: RER (train) vs. Hello, we are sorry to hear that your trip had to be cancelled due to operational reasons. But I don't expect anybody to ever do such a thing for me. Save yourself from agony just for the sake of saving £2, £3. I forgot/lost something, what can I do? Hello Emrecan, we are sorry for the inconvenience you had on board our bus. We are looking forward to having you travel with us in the future again. Find all your trip details: flight and ticket numbers, departure and arrival times, terminal number, Check-In Deadline, maximum weight and number of baggage items allowed, conditions for modification of your ticket…You can also learn more about the services available on board, such as entertainment, meal services, and in-flight shopping! Discover everything you can do on the . Frequently asked questions for your trip Paris - Tours How much does a bus ticket from Paris to Tours cost? if anyone of the managers read this review you need to investigate in this issue the coach from paris to London 30/07/2020 22.30 came at 23.20. Has anyone experienced a good service as I'm worried now as we are due to travel on them soon. The whole fleet is fitted with Wi-Fi, plug sockets and spaces for disabled passengers. Take the Flix bus or the train. " OUIBUS/BLABLABUS OUIBUS/BLABLABUS - DANGEROUS SERVICES (literally). We apologize for the troubles that caused. We are very sorry to hear that a situation like that took place at the bus stop and that our bus driver was involved in it. AVOID blablabus!! So they wrote this message to us when our trip is cancelled How does that make sense so i am very confused that if our trip is cancelled our not i will NOT recommend this bus company to anyone not even my enemies. Too hot!!! You have ID then in case of issues. Nevertheless, I have always observed other passengers wandering around at stops as though they didn't have a care in the world. BlaBlaBus travels to more than 300 cities across France and Europe. The bus had parked out of view of anyone and it was his responsibilty to count his passengers. Travel. "no way to monitor who takes what from the hold." The bus didn't come because the driver passes by the city without stopping, calling to the support they made me wait until 11 pm to say that the bus won't come anymore( and that I was allowed to go home using an Uber. On our way to Paris, I received an email saying that they cancelled my ticket to return, just mine, my partner's ticket was still good. I took it after the quarantine a way from Barcelona to Bordeaux. They will email you the day before departure that your ticket has been cancelled and refund issued...No customer service number, emails ignored... Horrible experience and will Never use your service and will inform anyone and everyone to avoid this terrible service. I do not recommend if you want to keep breathing. The second option is to claim a cash refund. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. 348K likes. We travelled from Amsterdam to Hamburg with 2 of the worst drivers on the Blabla busThey do not practice Covid protocols - no masks as per requirement. And to do their best with your luggage. Blablabus gets one star because you put me in a difficult position and because you still have my 10€. I suspect that the conditions of carriage for the bus are much the same for air travel - to get you from A to B. ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-103841672', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');Spain and Seoul and here in Oz. Or passengers could photograph each other - just in case? We are happy that you had a great time on board our bus. I booked two days ago for today and did not get my ticket , money got removed from my account!! I gave 1 star because there isn’t less. ! We had to get off the bus. Yet, you are happy to blame the bus company? When I showed the temperature reader in the bus and said it is 32 and we cannot breath inside, the bus driver and copilot couldn't answer in German or in English just tried to screw me like, "it shows outside tempeture as 21 the air conditioner is automatic" although it was working in the morning. Choose the Best Route. Their social media links take you to either empty sites or accounts for their other companies. And this line would have been drawn early on by waiting for "a few minutes" for the driver and other passengers to turn up - someone has to be first. However coming back on Monday 23rd Sept from Gare du Midi it was a shambles from the word go. Discover all the comfort of our buses and onboard amenities. In 2019, more than 70 routes will be opened in Europe. As they say, your unfortunate experience is a learning opportunity for all of us. I really can't endorse a company like this one and from now on I will take anything but this one. So, they are also not consistent with their own policies. No one could find the bus, but as it turned out it was a Blablabus not a Ouibus, and we were at least 30 minutes late leaving Brussels we left at 14.15 approx instead of 13.45. There is not phone to contact them just the useless online form, which they have not answered yet. • Enjoy free WiFi, make use of plug sockets and relax in reclinable seats.----- I traveled from (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? Is there anywhere that bus lines operate secure baggage claiming? Also I can't help but wonder if the driver's reaction wouldn't have been different if they hadn't been Asian looking. The weather is 33°C outside and god knows how much is inside.. The problem arises at intermediate stops when only the departing passengers alight and attend the opening of the hold - but it is the driver who retrieves the bags. This was our trip from victoria station to Brussles please respond to this review BlaBlaBus, They modified our tickets so many times that we should have got given the option for a refund ‍♀️ . No security, no cameras, no records of who the bus driver is, no responsibility. Lost luggage. I only just caught my last train of the night home. Hello Jairo, Thanks for your positive feedback. Delayed departures are quite common on all forms of public transport (planes, trains and autobuses) - and passengers have to accept that they are responsible for being there when it does depart. After 4 months of e-mails (each one of them taking at least 2 weeks for them to respond), they keep saying they can not refund my ticket. Finally, the bus company was contacted- not easy to call them as they do not readily answer and another bus made an unscheduled stop to get us. Hello Ed, we are sorry for the inconvenience you had on board our busses and for the troubles caused by the re-accommodations and cancellation of your trips. BlaBlaBus is a Paris based bus company operating intercity buses between several cities in France. That's why BlaBlaBus offers maximum comfort with standard four-star coaches, the latest technology with free wifi and electric sockets, comfortable waiting at the station, choice of seats when booking, great attention during the journey and seats adapted for people with reduced mobility. FAQ: What are the best books about Paris? Transit in Paris is Covid 19 test needed? Any comments? The BlaBlaBus app, simplicity itself! 08.20 from Berlin to Bremen. We are sorry to hear that your trip was modified and finally cancelled due to operational reasons. BlaBlaBus Standard fares: Modifiable and, in case of cancellation, refundable by voucher Have you send us a refund request? Then the driver announced he was going to stop for his lunch break of 45 minutes at a rest stop. • Bag a bargain with bus tickets from just €5. We first stopped at Le Mans to let people off. At BlaBlaBus, we do everything we can to make your life easier. • Organise your next getaway in advance. I took the Blah Blah bus from (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? What to pack/wear for mid-October Weather. You can be sure that we will reply to your requests soon. Blablacar is present in more than twenty countries: France, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, India, Mexico, Brazil etc. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. The bus never came. Stay away from them if you do not want to lose your money and your time. There are two types of BlaBlaBus tickets: BlaBlaBus promo fares: Cannot be modified, exchanged or refunded. WORST COMANY EVER.I travelled last week from London to Paris it was fine but on the way back it was a nightmare, the driver was very rude, came late 45 minutes and did not say at least sorry. Hello Maria, thanks for your positive feedback. When I got to Paris, the people at the bus station were very nice but not effective- they said they had no idea who the bus driver was when I asked why they could not contact him to ask him about my bag. more. Vlaams; Deutsch; English; Español; Français; Italiano; Nederlands The worst.AVOID at all cost. They are not turning on A/C. But it happens...."Oh, sorry, my bag is just like this one...". Imagine booking a hotel and make other holiday arrangements only to lose your money. Bus number 30171 on 06. https://help.blablabus.com/hc/en-gb/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000241579. I feel tricked. Is European Destinations.com a legit site to book from? I putted my bagage in the cabine at the bottom of the bus and i havent lost anything. The rest is up to the traveller. We are looking forward to having you travel with us in the future again. Hello, we are sorry to hear that your trip was cancelled due to operational reasons. They cancelled a coach trip the day before departure. At the end the person checking tickets was the one that helped me on Paris to be able to take the bus that I initially booked and payed for, but blablabus just got me off from it with no other solution. We eventually got back to Victoria at 22.20 two hours twenty minutes later than we should have done. • Quickly check bus schedules in France and Europe. Hotels near Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Paris, Hotels near Basilique du Sacre-Coeur de Montmartre. We apologize for the bad experience. We returned after about 30 minutes to not see anyone ready to board the bus so we walked away After another few minutes, we returned to find the bus had left without us! Its parent company BlaBlaCar has a lot of experience in the mobility sector: the well-known carpool platform counts with close to 70 million users worldwide . Baby information. Never again . • Travel as a group by booking up to 9 travellers and their luggage. Please use other bus services because the price difference isn’t that much. I have spent 3 months trying to get a refund and have been consistently ignored both via the contact form, and emailing with customer service directly. They both have had really bad reviews. We are happy to have a closer look at your booking and to figure out a satisfying solution for you. Captain You’re in safe hands with our captains. Servizi a bordo, posti, soste. They have not provided me with a refund and nobody replies to three of the online forms I sent. Answer 1 of 48: So, I am about to book a bus ticket for the route Paris-Dusseldorf and it seems that these are my only choices. Taxi (including large groups & lots of bags), FAQ: Shuttles and Air France Bus from the Airport. First time i travelled with them, the bus arrived an hour late, the bus driver said we're stupid and wait not in the right direction (although ALL the passengers were waiting there), but I thought that it happens and let go. They always offer service with a smile. BlaBlaBus’ aim is to create a wide network of connections, both international and national, connecting different cities within the same country. There is no space in between people is just all mix and full to the top. Of cause, I wrote to Blablabus for help, but I got no response. This is the most irresponsible corporate behavior I have ever seen. Could you not just wait? Let us drive you. How can I cancel or exchange my BlaBlaBus bus ticket? Members who are knowledgeable about this destination and volunteer their time to answer travelers' questions. If not, please do so. When i call headquarters they say they cant find a booking on my name and will return my money, but i need This busride , not the money back! Outside temperature was 25 celcius grad in the morning and the air conditioning was on so it was OK. However, I’ve taken them because. And now even their online form stopped working Don’t use this bus! 3.6 out of 5 stars. WORST company ever, it works more like a SCAM, getting dozens of overbookings and then ruining holidays. • Enjoy free WiFi, make use of plug sockets and relax in reclinable seats.----- And while I was sitting a family embarked with three little kids. If you want better and more reliable service, go by train. Review pages are almost always dominated by people with a complaint. I was supposed to receive a refund for a bus that delayed more than 2 hours. It is just not appropriate for us to start photographing every service provider in the case a customer is disatisfied with the service - where does that stop? As for photographing the driver - the company will know who was allocated to which service. • Bag a bargain with bus tickets from just €5. Vos bus préférés changent de couleurs et de nom mais le confort reste le même. C'est officiel, Ouibus devient BlaBlaBus. IDIOT.I do not recommend this company to anyone as it was my first time and the last of course. The driver was a nice man but he was on his phone on the bus while driving and he swore and complained about the company. ". Avoid this group, you will be the better for it. BlaBlaBus Book. Years ago when Eurolines ran the buses the service was perfectly OK. Other than in road work sections, he shouldn't have been able to drive above the speed limit on autoroutes, coaches throughout (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? It was all clean and very confortable seats. The drivers doesn't want to make the air conditioning on. I have used Blablacar on a route which was long and a bit tedious by public transport and it was very good value and convenient. To avoid if you want to travel safe in the bus with coronavirus. Can I take a bike on board? If you read this and consider using BlaBlaBus.com, I simply recommend you to have a plan B from the start. C'est officiel, Ouibus devient BlaBlaBus. Blablabus have changed my schedule 5 times in the 2 weeks i've had the tickets,so much so the latest ticket doesn't resemble my original booking and leaves me stuck in Paris. Do not take this bus if you have any luggage. ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-103027680', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');Europe are fitted with speed limiters which prevent the driver exceeding 100 km/h. For me it was very good. We hope you received a reply to the contact forms you sent us by now. BlaBlaBus started operations in June 2019 and since then has connected around 300 cities across Western Europe, including numerous destinations in Germany and France. But when it reached to 32 celcius degree, they switched it off, it was too hot inside. I diversi modi per acqusitare un biglietto BlaBlaBus. On a number of the services to/from Spain, a fleet of Irizar i6 coaches operated by Sarfa are used. Hi, Ouibus coach company have now been taken over by Blabla bus. The moral is if you buy a cheap bus ticket, you don't get a very good service at all. A missing bag on a bus is like a missing bag on an airline - misfortune, subject to best efforts at recovery. Read our policy on cookies usage. Even when it's the cheapest ticket available. In Belgium, BlaBlaBus will offer ten lines connecting Brussels South, Brussels Airport, Liège, Leuven, Antwerp and Bruges to France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Not that the carousels at airports are any great shake - that process relies on the openness of the process to mitigate theft. Excellent service. This morning I was taking the bus back to Nantes from Bordeaux. This all boils down to a lesson for all of us - passengers need to stay alert to the departure of a bus at an intermediate stop. The Flix bus driver was very careful to do that.on the way out of Paris at a stop. BlaBlaBus has to be one of the WORST bus company in the WORLD firstly, they modifed our trip then they cancelled it then they sent us a message that we should wear a mask which is understandable because of covid-19 but they said our trip was cancelled? Hello Nigel, thanks for your message. Please contact us via our contact form if you have not received a refund of your booking price, yet. And it is the company that will be doing the search. I think the people who complain about bus services have unrealistic expectations. (1) Price inclusive of taxes, from and per person, for a one-way journey with BLABLABUS, on selected dates and destinations, subject to availability. And their very best jokes! Hello, Thank you for this report. I think the lesson that flows for all travellers from your circumstances, Marjorie, is to keep a close eye on the clock during a bus driver's rest break, return earlier than the stated period of the stop, and wait for the driver to turn up. Où sont les toilettes? Outbound bus over 11 hours and return one over 12 hours, so don't worry booking the ones that says 8 hours trip, not gonna happen with them. Hello, thank you for this feedback. Worst service ever. Checking back in to the Forum: Boulevard Pereire? They make you feel powerless because there is no other way of contacting them. refused to let me give my wife a bottle of water because she couldn't leave the baby alone on the coach sleeping saying that the bottle of water maybe it's infected by COVID 19. Special luggage. Unfortunately, we are dealing with a very high activity on our platform right now, which causes delays in response times. In total, more than 400 destinations in ten European countries will be accessible by BlaBlaCar buses. © 2021 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. Richieste di partnership. They are saying it is 21°C even it is also written as 33°C on the bus display.For 5 or 6 hours trip this is a big problem and it is a reason not to choose blablabus again. La Défense - BlaBlaBus (ex OUIBUS), FlixBus Terminal Jules Verne, 1 Rond point de la Défense, 92400 Courbevoie. • Book your bus ticket in under a minute (less tha… He tried to do that with me, but I became so visibly upset as I travelled all the way (an hour and a half) with my sister and he was trying to split us up on different coaches with different times. ‎With BlaBlaBus, discover low-cost bus trips for your holidays, business trips and weekends with friends. Paris Dreaming - 2022 Trip - Activities & Restaurant Advice. We are sorry to hear that your booking was modified due to operational reasons. When people try to talk them they are acting so reckless. When we get to the coach station, the driver was being very rude turning people away who have come from God knows where, with loaded suitcases saying that the companies changed their tickets! Take a photo of the bus, plates, and the driver. We eventually got on, but like I said if we had got given the option to be refunded instead of receiving a voucher - we would have. Then we got to Calais eventually as the driver didn't know the way for the ferry and a stowaway was found plus a lady didn't have her passport and then they had a problem with the ferry as two people had been run over while getting to their cars. They cancelled the return part of my journey from Amsterdam to London only a few hours before it was scheduled to leave via a 1 sentence text that offered no details as to why or support to finding an alternative way home. Search. Before, during and after your trip, we’ll take care of everything! For standard tickets (non promotional), changes and cancellations are possible up until 30 minutes before departure time. From Berlin to Bremen..First of all both drivers are not able to speak German or English. you may want to know that i do not know of any place that will wait for you. Please note that passengers whos trip was modified have two options. SCAM, They will ignore you to avoid paying your refund. Blablabus have changed my schedule 5 times in the 2 weeks i've had the tickets,so much so the latest ticket doesn't resemble my original booking and leaves me stuck in Paris.The company having given up replying to customers since April 2020 would suggest to me they are on the brink of going out of business,they should have their licence to operate coaches revoked.

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